Amazonino government secretariat is sworn in

The official gazette yesterday brought dismissals and appointments of the first ranking government.
05/10/2017 15h07 - Updated 6/10/2017 16h25
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The Official Gazette, in special edition, on Wednesday (4) brought the appointment of positions of trust and secretaries of the governor Amazonino Mendes.

they took possession 21 government secretaries pedetista, in a ceremony this morning (5) the Government House. The new governor said the new secretariat should work in favor of essential services to the population. “We have a war to win in the short term”.

Amazonino Mendes was sworn in as governor and said it will be 'slave of the people'. Justice determined that Amazonino Mendes took possession until 14h yesterday.

The official gazette also brings the dismissals of the first ranking government.

Check out the complete list of new appointed government Amazonino Mendes:
Direct Management Bodies

House Civil: Sidney Milk

House Military: Miguel Marino Mouzinho

Health Secretary: Francisco Deodato

Health Executive Secretary: Orestes Guimarães Melo Filho

Security Secretary: Bosco Saraiva

Security Executive Secretary: Colonel Amadeu Soares

Executive Secretary of Intelligence: Erbert Ferreira Lopes

Secretary of Penitentiary Administration: Colonel Dan Câmara

Secretary of Labor: Dallas Son

Secretary of Finance: Alfredo Paes

Attorney General of the State: Paulo Carvalho

Secretary of Education: José Augusto Melo Neto

Secretary of Culture: Denilson Novo

Secretary of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship: Clizares Santana

Secretary of Communication: Célio Júnior

Secretary of Youth, Sports and leisure: Janaína Chagas

Administration Secretary: Ângela Bulbol

Private Secretary to the Governor: Major Otávio Júnior

State Secretary for Social Assistance: Auxiliadora Abrantes

Secretary of Infrastructure: Oswaldo Said

Secretary of the Environment, responding by IPAAM: Marcelo Dutra

Secretary of Rural Production: José Aparecido

Secretary of Institutional Relations: Náfice floats

Secretary of Land Policy: Paula Kanzler

Bodies of Indirect Administration

Amazonas State representation in Sao Paulo: Samuel Hanan

President of the DMV: Vinícius Diniz

CEO of IDAM: Amazon Development Institute: John Campelo

Director of CETAM, Amazon Technological Education Center: Rony Siqueira

Superintendence of Housing: Diego Afonso

Honorary President of the Social Promotion Fund: Mônica Mendes

President of Amazonas Board of Trade: Antonio Lopes de Souza

Chief Executive Officer of the Superintendent of Navigation, Ports and Waterways: Francisco Assis Santos Soares

Public foundations

President of the Educational TV Foundation: Celes Borges

Director Adriano Jorge Hospital: Orestes Guimarães Melo Filho

Joint Stock Company

President of CIGAS: Lino Chíxaro

CEO of PRODAM - Amazon Data Processing: Fábio Naveca

Public company

CEO of Amazonastur: Junior orsini

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