'Week of the Child' is with special programming at the Children's Town Park

On thursday, 12, Children's Day, o parque entrará no mundo do ‘Reino de Gelo’ e ‘País das Maravilhas’.
11/10/2017 14h56 - Updated 12/10/2017 14h21
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Expected to more than 21,6 thousand people, the Children's City Park promises one week, from 9 a 13/10, a lot of play and attractions with children's characters. On thursday, 12/10, Children's Day, the park will enter the world of the 'Kingdom of Ice' and 'Wonderland', with a full day of wonder for children who visit the space.

"We are taking care of every detail so that children and their families can feel comfortable and enjoy, the best way, this great program we are preparing. It was a request from the mayor himself Arthur Neto to promovêssemos the necessary improvements in our structure, offering more convenience to the audience ", said the municipal secretary of Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen), Joao Luiz.

It will be 50 hours of programming divided in five days, from Monday to Friday, always from 8h to 18h, except Thursday, 12, when the operation of the park will be from 10h to 20h. In addition to cultural performances, children may also know the Nerd Space and participate in sports competitions.

The coordinator of the Children's Park City, Socorro Andrade, It states that the programming is prepared to meet the expectation of the public and highlights the gratuity to participate in activities. "The Children's Park is a reference every year, mainly, on Children's Day. Our expectation is very high and we want to offer the best of entertainment, leisure and culture. Remember that the site is public, so our programming will be free ", strengthened.

Administered by the Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen), the Children's City Park is located on the avenue André Araújo, with entrance from the street Castro Alves, s/n, Aleixo, Centro-Sul.

Nerd space
Harry Potter fans, Star Wars and superheroes also have time in the 'Week of the Child', offered by Manaus Prefecture, in Children's Park. with cosplays (costumed fans) and thematic stands, They will be carried out activities related to the world of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

"We will do educational activities with children facing the world of Harry Potter. We will do the sorting hat, that exists in the saga and choose students for each school houses. We will also costumed fans as Harry Potter characters, where children can take pictures to save souvenir ", He explained the president of the fan club 'Potterday Manaus', Bárbara Pinheiro.

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