Beauty industry remains high in Manaus

Número de microempreendedores na área de estética cresceu 567% the past five years; faculdades oferecem boa formação.
12/10/2017 15h31 - Updated 12/10/2017 15h31
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The concern of Brazilians with the beauty and health is recognized worldwide. The country is the third largest consumer of cosmetic products, behind only the US and China. Data from the Brazilian Association of Toiletries Industry, Perfumery and Cosmetics (Abihpec) They show that the sector had an average growth of 10% per year over the past two decades, coming to win $ 43,2 billion.

With the consumer products in high, the labor market in the area has also shown growth, especially in relation to opening of own business. A Brazilian Service of Research Support Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) It showed that the number of individual microentrepreneurs in the aesthetics area increased 567%, the past five years.

The coordinator of the course of Technology in Aesthetics and Cosmetics of UniNorte, Esther- Léa Benayon, He says the area is one of the most promising.

Entrepreneurship is a viable way to those who work in the area of ​​aesthetics. For this, it takes courage to face the challenges of the market and have knowledge of business management and people, because in addition to perform cosmetic procedures you must have notions of contracting suppliers, stock training, admission staff, Among other things. Another tip she gives to anyone who wants to undertake in this area is to maintain the quality of the service offered. "Competition exists and what will differentiate the various market professionals is the quality of service", he said.

She points out that the aesthetic area requires constant training and updating of professionals. "A few years ago the aesthetic professional was recognized just by doing facials and body massages. Today, he is able to make important aesthetic treatments. Thereby, open up more doors in the labor market, It is important training in higher education, because customers are more demanding and looking for qualified professionals ", highlighted.

Segundo Esther Benayon, it is important for those who want to act as aesthetic professional looking for a course that guarantees the theoretical learning combined with practice and preparation for the job market, so that students recognize the various possibility of acting in the profession. The course of the Aesthetic UniNorte, recently received note 4, the assessment of recognition of the Ministry of Education (GUY). Among the criteria taken into consideration are infrastructure and faculty.

"The student of UniNorte is prepared to properly use aesthetic techniques, cosmetic products and equipment eletroestéticos. The note is an acknowledgment of the work that is developed by the institution, for the sole purpose of preparing the best professionals who will work in the labor market, either in your own business or in clinics ", he stressed.

The course of Aesthetic and Cosmetic existed for eight years in the institution and has a School Clinic equipped with specific laboratories, as: Corporal & Facial, Capillary and SPA, plus Complex Simulation labs, Simulated offices, among others. The coordinator adds that, during or course, the student also has the opportunity to show the community what you learn in the classroom, through extension activities and social responsibility.

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