Sinetram announces change in ticketing system

Segundo o presidente do Sinetram, Carmine Furletti Junior, the new way of charging will bring more convenience to the user.
16/10/2017 16h05 - Updated 17/10/2017 16h47
Photo: Karla Vieira/Semcom

Many users of public transport were surprised on Monday (16), with pass cards showing a value above normal. From now users of the citizen and the PassaFácil card will recharge it with any value. This means that, in place of the number of passes, Now the turnstiles exhibit the cash value.

The news was announced by the Union of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram). According to the president of the Carmine Furletti Junior organ, the new way of charging will bring more convenience to the user, for he shall be free to put the value you want on the card.

"Often the user does not have to buy, for example, 10 tickets, giving R $ 38. With this new purchase model, the user will have the option to put the amount in reais that it has available at the moment, Can be, for example, 5, 10 or 20 real. When it is passed at the turnstile, It will be deducted from R $ 3,80 (pass value) and he will see the balance in Ratchet validator. This will improve a lot for the user ", highlighted Furletti.

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