penal system is unfair and unequal for rich and poor, says Minister of STF

In evaluating Edson Fachin, the criminal proceedings shall be equal for all.
10/10/2017 16h10 - Updated 10/10/2017 16h10
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Edson Fachin said the Brazilian penal system is selective and uneven. At a meeting of federal judges in Porto Alegre, in this Monday (9), the rapporteur of Lava jet operation processes also defended the end of the privileged forum.

"As a rule, We have an unfair system, selective and uneven among the most affluent segment of society and that of citizens deprived of privileges ", said.

In assessing the Minister, the criminal proceedings shall be equal for all and the judiciary should be aware of the resources used by lawyers of privileged classes to perpetuate the processes and get them to prescribe.

Second Fachin, one of the measures to end the inequality is the end of privileged forum. "The privileged forum is an unjustified exception to the republican system and its extinction urges", he said.

"It's up to us, judges, impose answer to those who have proven their crimes. We must be aware that the privileged portion of the selectivity of the penal system strives to make believe that we are endangering individual rights, but we must move forward, although failure may occur. The times now are steep and we need to follow acting boldly, temperance, confidence, serenity and firmness ", completed.

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