Supermarket is caught with illegal connection in Rio Preto da Eva

The damage to Eletrobras and society was R $ 6.745,85.
30/10/2017 16h21 - Updated 30/10/2017 16h56
Photo: disclosure

Eletrobras Amazonas Distribution held in the morning last Friday (27), a supervisory action to combat and curb power theft practice. The property was spotted a supermarket, located on Avenida Governor Conrado Niemeyer, Rio Preto da Eva.

In the inspection act, it was found that the consumer unit was measured tampered, gauging only one phase of the three that provide power to the establishment. After the inspection procedure, the adjustment was performed with installation of a meter to measure the three phases meet consumer unit. The officer was notified by the police to provide clarification. The damage to the Distributor and the company was R $ 6.745,85.

The operation was supported by the Specialized Police in Combating the Theft of Energy, Water, Gas and Telecommunications Services (DECFS) and Expertise of the Institute of Criminology (IC).

Eletrobras points out that the fight against energy loss is only possible with the involvement of the whole society. The theft of power and fraud meters are typified as a crime as the Brazilian Penal Code, articles 155 e 171.

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