TCE-AM suspends recruitment of health agents in Fonte Boa

A ação do TCE se deu em decorrência do descumprimento de legislação.
11/10/2017 14h30 - Updated 11/10/2017 15h57
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The Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) suspended, on the morning of Wednesday (11), temporary employment of community health workers (ACS), with earnings of R $ 1.014,00, conducted by the Mayor of Fonte Boa, Gilberto Ferreira, due to the law of non-compliance. The admission of a trader is only expected, according to the law, in cases of fighting outbreaks, in addition to being required to conduct a public selection process.

Decision monocratic, the counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, Rapporteur of the accounts, met a representation, with request for injunction, filed by the Department of External TEC Control (Secex), who noted that the 19 hires not comply with Law No. 11.350/2006 (Articles 9 and 16), which establishes criteria for the recruitment of agents.

As the reporting order, hiring these professionals should be made, essentially, through selection process of tests or of tests and titles or via simplified selection process, provided that it is the real need to combat outbreaks. The No Notice 2/2017 Source of Good Prefecture, published in the Official Gazette of the state's municipalities, He did not mention the existence of any kind of disease outbreak that would justify hiring mode adopted.

Yara Lins dos Santos counselor granted a period of 15 days the mayor Gilberto Ferreira, to submit justifications for inquiries by Secex, represented by.

The process will be referred to the technical sector and the public prosecutor Accounts, time to be confronted, minutely, Secex the arguments with the defense produced by the Mayor of Fonte Boa, Gilberto Ferreira.

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