EC approves term to dismiss 10% the RDAs servers Manaus Prefecture

A decisão entra em contradição com o que o prefeito Artur Neto prometeu antes da eleição. Ele assegurava que os servidores não seriam demitidos.
17/10/2017 16h21 - Updated 18/10/2017 16h58
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By majority vote, full of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) approved the conclusion of a Management Adjustment Agreement (TAG), between TCE-AM and the Manaus City Hall, to treat on shutdown 751 temporary servants hired by Administrative Rule of Law (RDA). The decision was taken during the 36th ordinary session, held on the morning of Tuesday (17). The TAG will also be signed this week.

At least 300 civil servants attended the ECA to follow the trial. They told that they were dissatisfied with the decision.

As defined by a collective, from suggestion of County Attorney General, They will be achieved, this first step, the servers under the age of 50 years, crowded 11 bodies of municipal administration, including the Civil House, Municipal Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen) and the Municipal Finance (Semef). The situation of the other servers in the GDR regime - about 7 thousand - will be defined in subsequent meetings, from a schedule signed between the director Érico Desterro, rapporteur of the case, and Manaus Prefecture, as well as a new public tender for the municipal administration.

The result of a series of meetings, that has lasted almost 12 months between the ECA, agencies of the direct and indirect administration of Manaus and representatives of servers, the objective TAG stop irregular functional linkages of the respective municipal officials. The term ratifies the decision of the joint committee in 2011, which led to the shutdown of the servers on that occasion.

Order of City Hall
Counselors Joshua Son, Yara Lins dos Santos and Mario de Mello decided to follow the vote of the Hearing Officer, Erico Exile, who welcomed, in session, request of the Attorney General of the municipality, Marcos Cavalcanti, which suggested that the above servers 50 years were not affected by TAG, since some are reportedly nearing retirement and their chances in the labor market are minimal.

Attorney General Marcos Cavalcanti suggested, still, that the dismissals occurred six months after the conclusion of the TAG, which was accepted by the board.

In oral defense, the defender audience Carlos Alberto Almeida Filho asked the board that the TAG did not affect the servers with age above 40 years, and that those over 10 years of continuous function also were not turned off, based on the principle of legal certainty, proposal taken over by the counselor Júlio Pinheiro, but rejected by absolute majority of votes.

According to the Hearing Officer Érico Desterro, the decision was based on legal issues and had wide participation of the parties involved. "We look together with stakeholders reach an agreement to put in place a decision in the best possible way already taken by this Court since 2011. Although displease many, the law must be applied, aiming at the current legal standard ".

TAG will also be affected by temporary servants of the Municipality of the Attorney General (PGM); Municipal Administration (Semad); House Military; Municipal Labor Bureau, Employment and Development (Semtrad); Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh); Municipal Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainability (Semmas); Municipal Institute of City Planning (Implurb) and Municipal Foundation of Culture and Tourism (Manauscult).

At least 350 municipal officials accompanied the judgment of 16 processes involving TCE auditorium RDAs, live broadcast made by the Court of Auditors fanpage on Facebook.

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