Amazon Court fines former managers AFEAM

Among the irregularities in the accounts of AFEAM, identified by the technical TEC sector, estão diversas contratações de serviços emergenciais sem licitação.
31/10/2017 15h15 - Updated 1/11/2017 17h36
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The accounts of the State Development Agency (Afeam), for the year 2014, It was frowned upon by the collegiate Amazon Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), resulting in fine in the amount of R $ 13,1 thousand to the director, Evandor Geber Son. The decision was taken during the 37th ordinary session, It occurred on the morning of Tuesday (31).

Among the irregularities in the accounts of AFEAM, identified by the technical TEC sector, are several emergency service contracts without bidding and without vouchers, including the conservation, cleaning, gardening and building maintenance, Alongside company L.M. Boiler, no amount of R $ 446,9 one thousand, even without proof, at odds with the General Public Bidding Law, among other inadequacies.

According to the rapporteur of the case, advisor Julio Cabral, besides not having been demonstrated urgency to justify the hires without the use of bidding, the service contractor needs the realization of medium to long-term planning by the public agency, otherwise, the possible discontinuance of service will be due the very lack of such planning.

In addition to the fine, the directors determined that the AFEAM fulfill what determines the Transparency Law, under new fine of pen and do not do the hiring of use without the use of bidding on unjustifiable cases.

Also during the session, They were deemed irregular accounts of the Cultural Development Agency Amazonense (AADC), for the year 2012, the responsibility of President and ordering costs, Ademar Raimundo Mauro Teixeira.

The former president will have to return to public coffers R $ 26,3 one thousand, because the improprieties as no routing of electronic monthly data via former ACP System, from January to December 2012, as well as irregularities in the use of additives in providing contract award taxi transport services for artists, technical and guests of the IX Amazonas Film Festival, no amount of R $ 173 one thousand, not justified supplementation with 20% the initial value of the contract.

Regular with caveats
The provision of annual accounts of the Municipal Works Department, Basic Services and Housing (Semosbh), for the year 2008, They were judged regular with caveats and fine application to Paulo Ricardo Rocha Freitas former manager worth 8,2 one thousand, By improprieties as no proof of the registration of Technical Responsibility notes of professionals involved in the preparation of projects and technical documents relating to Competition No. 001/2008, as well as responsible for overseeing, as well as breaches of the contractual terms and additives without documents to justify the delays in execution of works, among others.

During the session, the Full Court considered, still, others 27 processes, including other two installments of annual accounts; five installments agreement accounts; 11 resources, as well as representations and complaints.

Sessions are held weekly in the plenary in the TEC, located on the 2nd floor of the annex building (building of offices of directors). The next session will be held on 07/11 (Tuesday), at 10 am.

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