Alfredo Nascimento ceases to be investigated for bribe-taking in Lava jet but follows the STF

According to the complaint, in his campaign for Senate in 2008, Alfredo would have received R $ 200 mil de uma empreiteira.
10/11/2017 15h18 - Updated 11/11/2017 13h28
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Or minister Edson Fachin, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), retired Congressman Alfredo Nascimento(PR-AM) investigations of Lava jet on the ground that the complaint against the parliamentary made by whistleblowers has no relation to bribery scheme involving Petrobras or any other state or agency of the Federal Government under the operation led by Judge Sérgio Moro.

"Did you know that an hour would come true. I never got involved or practiced any illegality. Did not know the informers and was a victim because, when Transport Minister, I ended up with the cartel of major construction and paid and still pay a political price and high staff so ", Alfredo blurted.

In the order of their decision that takes Alfredo investigations under the Lava Jato, Edson Fachin Minister maintains that the quotation from the whistleblowers "in no way relates to what clears the said national repercussions operation". The investigation 4443 He was referred to the Chief Justice, Minister Carmen Lucia, that redistributed to the Minister Marco Aurelio Mello to elucidate what was reported.

Alfredo appeared in denunciation of the Odebrecht executives, They cited among the politicians who would have received unaccounted funds for election campaign. According to the complaint, in his campaign for Senate in 2008, Alfredo would have received R $ 200 thou contractor at the request of deputy mining Milton Monti, the same party parliamentary Amazon. In exchange, the company would have facilities under construction at the Ministry of Transport.

"I had my life raided by the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue. They investigated everything and nothing has been proven against me. I was cleared of all charges. Was discovered, sim, a frame of contractors to bring out my ministry. And I'm sure that once again going to be proven my innocence”, said.

the Survey, whistleblowers say had a meeting at the then Minister Alfredo's office when assistance was requested for the campaign. "I know these whistleblowers and have in hand evidence that there has never been this that meeting. There is no record of this alleged meeting on the agenda, contained all hearings and meetings in the Ministry. It will be proven that they lied ", secured.

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