Amazonino determines police monitoring that come armed in nightclubs

The delegate of the Civil Police, Mariolino Birto, destacou que andar armado é “um direito do policial, mas quem está ingerindo bebida alcoólica não pode estar armado”.
27/11/2017 15h43 - Updated 28/11/2017 15h53
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A technological system to monitor who comes armed in nightclubs and bars in Manaus will be developed by the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) By determining the governor, Amazonino Mendes. This was announced by the deputy governor and Security Secretary, Bosco Saraiva.

On Saturday night and early Sunday morning (26), Bosco Saraiva accompanied by security summit, inspected bars and nightclubs in the Sun Address Set, Vieiralves, Center and St. Joseph. The determination is to increase the control over the state of public safety officers who are armed at parties and events, being out of service.

Visits were made beside the Corregedora General Security System to, delegated Íris Trevisan, the delegate-general of the Civil Police, Mariolino Brito, the general commander of the Military Police, Colonel David Brandão, and the Deputy Executive Secretary of Intelligence, Herbert Lopes.

“We are concerned about who is armed and drinking. The law says that reinforced floor is a right of the police, but who is drinking alcohol can not be armed. It is a system to protect their own police and avoid serious problems”, said the delegate-general Mariolino Brito.

The gun possession by civilians and military police outside of office is permitted by the Statute of Disarmament, but the SSP-AM plans to expand control over the situation.

“We will implement a weapons control system, with immediate information of the orders of nightclubs. To the extent that the weapon or the bearer of the weapon get in fun environments, he will have his name entered online with the police internal affairs”, said Bosco Saraiva.

The creation of the new system is one of the measures that the SSP will take to regulate the carrying of weapons by officers out of service hours, issue that gained prominence after the occurrence involving the chief of the Civil Police Gustavo de Castro Sotero, responsible for the death of Fair Lima Filho Wilson lawyer and balear three others during confusion in a nightclub early Saturday.

“We had an unfortunate tragedy caused, precisely for this facility, that we will curb”, said the deputy governor. The new system will be developed in partnership between the civil police, Military and Internal Affairs General of the Public Security System.

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