After the default Sinetram, Road convene meeting to talk about strike

As empresas de Transporte afirmam que não têm dinheiro para quitar os salários até o dia 30, as the law says.
23/11/2017 15h48 - Updated 25/11/2017 10h41
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The Union of Workers in Manaus Road Transport (STTRM) released on Thursday (23), a general meeting of the call notice to be held on Friday (24), in the institution's headquarters, located in the neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, in South-Central Zone of Manaus.

The category is dissatisfied with the lack of agreement with the Union of Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram) on the payment of the 13th salary of workers. The companies say they have no money to pay off wages until 30, as the law says.

The president of Road Workers Union, Givancir de Oliveira, He invited the class to participate in the act that can approve general indefinite strike, if companies fail to pay the Christmas bonus.

“The Sinetram has said it does not have to pay as the thirteenth at all. We can not do according, because already we probed the workers and they do not want the values ​​to be paid in installments. We will enforce the law and decide according to the opinion of the category”, said the treasurer of STTRM, Josildo de Oliveira.

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