Arthur Neto says Marcos Rotta governor would have been if it was Braga's stubbornness

The PSDB revealed that Rotta was his bet for the by-election but Eduardo Braga not agreed to stay out of contention.
07/11/2017 15h18 - Updated 8/11/2017 17h12
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB), said his deputy Marcos Rotta is the name that represents the new policy in the Amazon and also revealed that it was his bet for the by-election (won by Amazonino Mendes) but the application has not certou as Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB) disagreed. The toucan made the revelations on Monday (6), in the "Morning News", Tiradentes network.

"For the analysis that I, Rotta would have been the state governor that point. There was even a certain indecision of Amazonino governor contest the election and the name of Rotta was what I proposed to Senator Eduardo Braga [PMDB] to keep the same coalition that elected me and Mark in 2016. I did not succeed in this onslaught, but I understand that he would be the governor ", said Arthur.

Braga who heads the PMDB in the Amazon was blinded by power dismissed the proposal of Arthur and, that is why, lost Rotta was taken from the eve of the municipal elections last year, after, even appearing among the first in the polls of voting intentions, He found that there would be room for the PMDB candidate.

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