health appointments mark the beginning of the humanitarian military exercise in the Amazon

Humanitarian aid training military actions involve three countries, plus a US contingent and international observers.
06/11/2017 17h15 - Updated 6/11/2017 17h15
Photo: Antonio Cruz / Brazil Agency

Participation in international military exercise aid simulation in the Amazon region, AmazonLog17, It started today (6) with the provision of health care to residents of the city of Tabatinga and the upper Amazon, in the triple border of Brazil with Peru and Colombia. Since the early morning, people waiting for the distribution of passwords to medical appointments.

Humanitarian aid training military actions involving the three countries, plus a US contingent and international observers. The joint simulation that will last until March 13 November includes a series of activities, as training for redemptions, supplies, maintenance and transportation, in addition to providing health services.

During the year, the Army estimates hold about 450 a 500 daily visits to indigenous peoples and riverine of Brazil and neighboring countries, in general medical specialties, pediatrics, gynecology and ophthalmology. In addition to Tabatinga military hospital structure, of the calls it is also made in the field hospital set up at the multinational base that houses the military participants of the event.

To ensure compliance, the couple of farmers Cauaxe Maria de Souza, 63, and Alberto de Souza Cauaxe, 72, He walked about three hours to cross the Tacana settlement, located in the community Bom Jesus, in rural Tabatinga. "The road is hard, rained. When in summer, It's beautiful, but just when it rains ", summarized Alberto.

They were advised of the action at the community health center. “From there, they sent us here ", said the farmer. "I feel weakness in the body, I hurt my head and tried to come to the doctor to see what is happening ", said Maria.

From farther away came the young Frank Mendonca da Silva, 25 years, accompanied by small Jonatan Lorenzo Mendonça Lopes, just over 1 year and a half. Father and son had to cross by boat, for two days, the small town of Tabatinga Tonantins.

Located in the southwestern Amazon and distant about 870 km from Manaus, the small town, with just over 20 thousand people came to include, until the end of October, the municipalities affected by the list of the Solimões River flood this year. "The city has until health post, but do not have the resources you have here. medical missing. Hence or we come here or to Manaus ", Frank told, there is about a year is unemployed.

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