Swiss city offers R $ 82 thousand for those who want to live there

Little has Albinen 240 residents and families has been losing every passing year. For lack of students, school closed region.
27/11/2017 14h43 - Updated 27/11/2017 17h22
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Concerned with its population dwindling, a mountain village in Switzerland which has only 240 inhabitants are offering 25 francs ( about R $ 82 one thousand) for each person who wants to settle there.

To become a resident of Albinen, however, Candidates must be under 45 years and commit to stay at least 10 years on site.

Besides that, They need to buy or build a home that is worth at least 200 francs (R$ 660 one thousand) and the property must be the family's main residence, not a holiday home.

For adults with children, the city will also give 10 francs (R$ 32,7 one thousand) per child.

For lack of students, school closed region. In the last three years, three families also decided to leave the town.

The municipality has set aside 100.000 Swiss francs (R$ 330 one thousand) per year for the project, which has been adopted by other Swiss towns because of the same population problems.

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