With son on lap, off duty cop reacts to assault and kill thieves in pharmacy; see video

According to information in police report, burglar came pointing gun at police holding the child. Double succumbed to his injuries and died on the spot.
20/11/2017 16h16 - Updated 21/11/2017 17h44
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A military policeman off responded to a robbery on Saturday, 18, e, holding the child in her arms, He shot and killed two suspects in a pharmacy located in Campo Limpo Paulista, neighbor Jundiaí, in the state of Sao Paulo.

The action of Sergeant Rafael Souza, the 49th Battalion of Metropolitan Capital, it lasted 25 seconds was recorded by closed circuit cameras establishment.

On Saturday late afternoon, 18, the military police entered the Bifarma, located in White Castle Square, no center, with little son's lap and his wife, to buy drugs. While the clerk met his wife, They entered two robbers with hoods and guns blazing, announcing the theft.

second stories, one of the suspects, Jefferson Alves, from 24 years, Campo Limpo resident, He pointed the gun toward Rafael, that would be identified as police. According to PM sergeant's testimony, the suspect allegedly tried to shoot him. In sequence, the police retaliated with your pistol.

During the shooting of Jefferson and his accomplice, the police kept the child in her left arm. After shooting, the boy's mother runs down between the gondolas toward her husband, asking to stay with the child.

A medical team of Campo Limpo Paulista prefecture attended the site, but the two assailants were already dead. One of them was identified by police, because not carrying documents.

The weapons were seized by the Civil Police, in the early hours of Sunday, 19, after conducting ballistics and apprehension of images of surveillance cameras.

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