Councilor Yara Lins is elected the first woman to chair the TCE-AM

Ari Moutinho Júnior deixará a presidência do órgão no próximo mês.
21/11/2017 16h55 - Updated 22/11/2017 16h54

Extraordinarily, convened by the current President of the Amazon Court (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Junior, Yara Amazon Lins Rodrigues dos Santos counselor, 60, He was elected, unanimously, to chair the TCE-AM in the biennium 2018-2019. The vice president-elect was the director Mario de Mello. Possession of two directors, that will lead the TCE-AM the next two years will be on 18 from December, no Teatro Amazonas.

In the same election, the collegiate re-elected councilor Julio Cabral as TEC Corregidor General and elected councilor Érico Desterro as Ombudsman-General. The Ari Moutinho Junior adviser - that leaves the presidency next month - was also elected, unanimously, for coordinating general of the Public Accounts TEC School for the next 2 years, in place of the adviser Joshua Claudio de Souza Filho.

First woman to preside over the Amazon Accounts Court in 67 years of existence, Yara Lins Santos is a civil servant's career and provides services to the Court's 42 years, where he entered an open competition. Coming from ECA Audit, she entered the collegiate as a counselor in June 2014.

The election took place after two sessions: special to the accounts of 2016 Mayor Arthur Neto and the 40th ordinary session of the Full. After the direct election, congratulated the councilors elected. For Ari Moutinho Junior advisor, which had the support of a counselor Yara Lins dos Santos as vice president in management, the new president will do a great job ahead TEC, taking into account their vast knowledge of the Accounts Court, not to mention your always insightful and balanced stance.

Happy with the outcome of the election, the future president thanked the trust placed by the collegiate and said it will strive to meet expectations. according to her, in addition to continuing the good work done by previous presidents, she will make a focused management to people, without forgetting to strengthen the external control and the educational side of the TEC, through the Public Accounts School. The election was accompanied by friends and family counselor.

Merit Necklace
After the election, the presiding TEC, Ari Moutinho Junior, delivered to board members the Medal of Merit Account Necklace, that joins the collegiate clothing Durantes the feasts of the Court of Auditors .

New auditor takes charge
Even early on Tuesday (21), He was appointed the new auditor's Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Luiz Henrique Pereira Mendes. The ceremony took place minutes before the start of the trial of the accounts of Manaus City Hall. The new auditor signed, last Friday (17), his tenure of office in the ECA's headquarters.

Degree in Accounting from Universidade Presidente Antônio Carlos, in Minas Gerais, and graduate in mathematics education from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Luiz Henrique was one of two approved for the position of public auditor at the last contest held 2015.

The directors and auditors of the TEC, including President, Ari Moutinho Junior, They gave the welcome to the new member of the Audit Court. In his speech, President recalled the presence of women and children's auditor during the ceremony and wished luck to the auditor. "We count on you safely in order to cause the Court to every passing day forward and effectively fulfill its conditional function and the jurisdictional provision to improve the quality of all inhabitants", said the counselor.

In his thanks, the auditor Luiz Henrique said it will work with all dedication so as not to frustrate the Court of Auditors and the society. also thanked the reception which took place on Friday. "I want to register success, more an act of success, this Court that was the contest of tests and titles for auditor, notice was the object 01/2015, which gained success. ", said the auditor.

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