Health crisis can leave public and private hospitals without basic material to meet population

Private companies are for eight months without pay suppliers and the state government has trouble closing bidding process.
07/11/2017 13h28 - Updated 8/11/2017 17h12
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public and private health facilities may fail to meet their patients for lack of materials, due to an unprecedented crisis in the sector. Companies like Unimed,Santa Julia and Adventist Hospital, are eight months without pay suppliers of basic materials to meet demand. The result is a debt that exceeds R $ 30 million.

How to treat critically ill patients gaze sem, saline, syringe, gloves, antibiotics or analgesics? This has been the dilemma faced by health professionals in routine public hospitals, but no one imagined was that the private sector would be hit.

According to people working in the public health sector of the Amazon the situation of state government hospitals reached a point that suppliers are refusing to participate in bidding processes because they no longer support the default.

Approximately 20 companies operating in the healthcare market in Manaus and sell from basic products for orthopedics to more complex intended for emergency actions. No equipment needed, a panic mood begins to take hold among people who work in health and deal directly with the situation.

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