Thailand to Germany, Arthur Neto meets international agenda at the World Bank conference

The Mayor of Manaus follows Bangkok, Thailand to Germany, where he was invited to join the Climate Leaders Summit for Local and Regional, by the Mayor of Bonn.
08/11/2017 16h49 - Updated 9/11/2017 17h58
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Invited to discuss actions of the Resilient Cities program of the World Bank, the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, and representatives from over 26 cities in the world are in Bangkok, in Thailand, to evaluate projects and financing in infrastructure geared to the prevention of natural disasters. After the Inter-American Development Bank event (Bird), Mayor heads to Germany, where he was invited to join the Climate Leaders Summit for Local and Regional, by the Mayor of Bonn. The city will host the 23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP23), which brings together all the main political leaders international.

The opening of the Bank's conference with the participation of the deputy governor of Bangkok, Wanvilai Promlakano, and local government representatives presented the projects implemented and designed for city. Mayor Arthur Virgílio said the positioning of Manaus and the relationship with the international financial institution.

“More than any financial aid from the World Bank, there is now a partnership that deepens the monitoring of policies that are being executed, which they were planned and need a lot of technical evaluation and moral Bank. Manaus is among the cities in the world who fight for resilience, for sustainability and get the respect of the Bird”, said the mayor.

The delegation of Manaus, coordinated by the mayor and composed by the first lady and president of Manaus Solidarity Fund (FMS), Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko; by the Secretary of Finance (Semef), Lourival Beach; the CEO of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), Claudio Guenka; and the Communication Secretary (Without with), Eric Gamboa, We met on the morning of Monday, 6/11, with the Urban Development team and World Bank Resilience Unit, headed by director Sameh Naguib Wahba, to evaluate the proposed manauara resilient infrastructure to be held in the neighborhood Our Lady of Fatima.

A pioneering proposal of Manaus will provide capital risk areas, especially those with large amounts of irregular occupations, the necessary infrastructure to avoid problems such as flooding and landslides.

The director of the Bird quite praised the tax situation of Manaus, which puts the city in prime condition to receive the Bank's investments. “The Manaus project includes economic aspects, social and environmental benefits for urban development, enhancing the services and the city's infrastructure and also strengthening the social side to provide better conditions for the most vulnerable families. In this sense, the World Bank is available and already working with the city for the design and execution of the project, which is very ambitious and, for us, It is a very important partnership”, disse Wahba.

The director clarified, still, the conference Cities Resilient Program, Kids Bangkok, gathers 26 cities in the world including Manaus and Porto Alegre. The event is to mobilize resources for the implementation of integrated programs, for the sustainable development of resilience with accompanying technical Bank. “We accompany the cities for the development of a mobilization plan for investment of funds. The result will be a city's strategy with the identification of priority projects at each site to be funded”, said Sameh Wahba.

At 23 ° the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP23), the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, gives lecture on projects seeking funding from World Bank. The mayor of the city Bonn, host of the COP23, Ashok Alexander, Sridharan, He invited the mayor of Manaus to compose the Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in the global discussion of climate change.

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