David Almeida rebate charges of delays in treatment Off Address

Based on data, parliamentary showed increasing trend in the per diem payments.
14/11/2017 14h17 - Updated 15/11/2017 17h03
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The President of the State of Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr David Almeida, hit back, early on Tuesday (14), the publication that he would be responsible for delaying the allowance of payments Treatment Outside of Domicile (TFD), and air passages. He presented the numbers during the small hours.

Based on data, parliamentary even showed an increasing trend in the per diem payments, and the air passages, from May to September 2017, period when he was ahead of the Amazonas state government.

David Almeida explained that at the beginning of the interim government allowance of payment made by the State Department of Health (Sesame), in May, It was R $ 367,6 thousand and R $ in June 360,7 one thousand. But in July, the benefit grew to R $ 627,200. "And increased again, In August, to R $ 683,2, and in September closed with R $ 443,4 one thousand. Already in October fell to R $ 353,5 thousand and the forecast for November is $ 292,9 one thousand", said.

Regarding airline tickets TFD, President of Aleam also showed growth in the availability of benefit to patients and caregivers. As the numbers, in May it was made available R $ 1,031 million, June R $ 1,012 R $ million and July 1,084 million. In August, the volume of payments grew to R $ 1,324 million and September was to R $ 1,098 million. "Already in October fell to R $ 909,2 thousand and November have the new fall forecast R $ 575 one thousand", observed the Parliamentary.

David Almeida to recognize some occasional delays in the payment of benefits, but stressed that the figures show the attention it gave PDT payments during his government. "The numbers show that we did, in almost five months ahead of the state government and that is what I think should be done. When I do a weighting, a critic, I have to support me not to get on common sense ", commented.

In an aside granted by Almeida, NETWORK deputy Luiz Castro recalled that commented on the subject last week. He clarified that did not mention delays the interim management of the state government. "I remember, during his interim government, there were cases of delays of two to three months PDT. I requested his intervention and his insistently, because there was a bureaucratic problem within the Susam, this delay has been resolved ", said Castro.

Luiz also noted that, when he spoke of delay PDT, he referred to the delay of payments for the month of October. "O [Mr David Almeida] He left the government on 4 of October. So, It could not be his this specific responsibility, as well as I referred to the air passages of the patients who had the ticket to go and were stranded and could not have also come back from October ", said. "I paid the trip and did not pay back", commented David Almeida.

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