“Delegate is on trial before the hour, by incompetent judges and heard’ says judge over Gustavo Sotero

Luís Carlos Valois, the Court of Criminal Execution TJAM argues that the judgment of guilt or innocence can only be ordered by the courts.
28/11/2017 14h58 - Updated 29/11/2017 16h09
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Judge Luis Carlos Valois, the Court of Criminal Execution TJAM (Amazon Court), said, on his Facebook page, that has been faced by the delegate Gustavo Sotero, the Amazon Civil Police, arrested for having shot the lawyer Wilson Lima Justo Filho inside the nightclub Basement German, In Manaus, early Saturday, 25. Wilson died moments later.

As the judge, the officer is on trial before the time in the press and incompetent judges.

Read the text of Valois:
"More than once asked my opinion on the case of delegate, armed, in a ballad, He has shot and killed a person in Manaus. No one more than I would have reason to, at the first opportunity, gloat a policeman who were taxed by the press, or by social networks, as a murderer and villain. But I will not do it, I would never do, even if the police have been the one who pointed the finger at me when the same press, cahoots with police, He accused me bandit also, thing that seems to be popularizing.

It has been some kind of press forging this bandit idea, to differentiate the person accused of having committed an offense of the other, encouraging hatred and more violence in society. I am the rule of law, the laws and the Constitution, so I think that delegate is being tried before the hour, by incompetent judges, by people who heard, unable to have defense and manifest, which is not fair trial.

"So do not send feedback until now, because people fail to realize that only a process can lead to consider a person guilty, and that it is guaranteed to all, not only delegate, as of any, be labeled a villain or not ... fight for the right to fight the process is truisms (Ah, it is obvious that he is guilty!), because they are the truisms that the right to kill process!”

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