Mr mocks bill and is surprised to find that he is the author; see video

Felipe Attiê debochou da proposta de criação do Dia do Coach e disparou: “esses deputados, é brincadeira”.
21/11/2017 16h09 - Updated 21/11/2017 17h43
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State Representative Felipe Attiê (PTB-MG) He became a topic after having mocked a bill that he himself had proposed, but which did not remember.

In a session of the Committee on Constitution and Justice, on Wednesday (8), Attiê mocked the creation of the proposal Coach Day (Professional training its customers to achieve their career goals).

The coach ... These deputies, Just kidding, said, laughing, before hearing his name as the author of the project in the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais.

After the gaffe, Rep even issued a statement on its website, in which he said to have established the facts about the video and admitted that there was a failure in the course of the project.

Second note, the deputy had asked the pileup of the bill in 2016, but for a mistake of him and his advice, the proposal remained pending. The project was shelved.

see video:

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