Mr denounces lack of Hapvida assistance within the Amazon

According to the complaint an agreement between the company and the Seduc two years ago, It does not work as it should.
15/11/2017 16h39 - Updated 15/11/2017 17h01
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Congressman Adjuto Afonso (PDT) denounced, on Tuesday, 14, the plenary of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard), the lack of accreditation of health establishments Hapvida system inside the Amazon, specifically in the southern state municipalities. Parliamentary reflected the information passed along by Boca do Acre councilors (a 1028 km to capital), They are reporting on an agreement between the company and the Ministry of Education and the Amazon Teaching Quality (Seduc), two years ago, but does not provide support to education professionals.

A request was sent to officers asking the Seduc take immediate steps by the Hapvida. “At the request of Boca do Acre House, Adautivo the president and the councilors who are here, I am presenting a Request to be granted by the Bureau, and arrives as quickly as possible to the education secretary's hands so you can correct a mistake”, Sisse worker Afonso.

The congressman estimated that the agreement was mistaken and that the state is at a loss, since the amount paid and education professionals that region are not having access to services unavailable, inclusive, in the capitals of neighboring states, as Rio Branco (AC) and Porto Velho (RO), closer to the municipalities than Manaus.

“In my view a mistake when they made this agreement with Hapvida, which can not meet the people in the state. It is necessary that the company accredit as quickly as possible health professionals in these capital, due to the difficult logistics to Manaus, for people residing in Boca do Acre, Pauini, Humaita and border towns may have care. What can not is that people have to pay passage, leave their municipalities to come to Manaus”, said Rep.

The president of Boca do Acre House, Adautivo da Silva (PP), accompanied by the Lima city council of São Paulo (PSD) and Edmilson (PSD), They are from the beginning of the week in the capital, which they have been in Seduc headquarters. Earlier on Tuesday attended the Plenary Session, and the President gave an interview to TV Aleam on the situation.

“The state's pioneer of Amazonas signed an agreement with the health plan Hapvida for education servers, however, those who live in distant cities, for example, Boca do Acre, Pauini, Labrea, Humaita, Envira, unfortunately they are not enjoying this benefit, some have to travel to Manaus, which is far away. Boca do Acre is located over a thousand kilometers away from the capital, some have to travel to Rio Branco, Porto Velho to get to Manaus”, He emphasized the mayor, Adautivo.

Deputy Adjuto Afonso congratulated the initiative of Boca do Acre and councilors pledged to monitor the situation until it is resolved.

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