deputies of the Amazon had 375 shortages in three years

Of the eight elected members in the Amazon, Arthur Bisneto (PSDB), It was the one with the largest volume of faults.
29/11/2017 15h00 - Updated 30/11/2017 15h30
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Seven of the eight deputies at Amazon, two alternates, They accumulated together during the 55th Legislature (1st of February 2015 a 23 November 2017), 375 faults, and 101 them not justified. Only Mrs Conceição Sampaio (PP) no faults recorded in the period.

Were 325 deliberative plenary sessions in the period, the House of Representatives, in Brasilia. Of the eight elected members in the Amazon, Arthur Bisneto (PSDB), who walked away from the warrant on September 1, to take over the leadership Civil Municipal House, appointed by her father, the mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB), It was the one with the largest volume of faults.

He was absent for almost a third of mandate. Were 90 accounted faults on 295 sessions that took place during his first term as congressman, or, 30,5% shortages, of which 40 from them, They were not even justified, points out the survey available on the Chamber website.

The second with the highest number of absences was Átila Lins (72 – PSD). Next comes Silas Câmara (68 – PRB), Sabino Castelo Branco (50 – PTB), Hissa Abraham (44 – PDT), Alfredo Nascimento (PR) and Pauderney Avelino (THE) tied with 20 each fouls, and substitute Carlos Souza (6) and Mark Rotta (5).

Among the deputies, Sabino Castelo Branco, Alternate Marcos Rotta, Current deputy mayor of Manaus, FIG except as, as it has been hospitalized since the second half of August, according to a Stroke (AVC). The deputy has six unexcused absences and 41 faults recorded after his hospitalization for health care.

Carlos Souza (PSDB), Substitute Arthur Bisneto, He accumulated six fouls, five of which were not justified. Absences are equivalent to 20% the total number of sessions to which he should have participated in the period, they came to 30. The frequency of deputies is recorded the day 2 February a day 22 from December. The interval between the dates recorded as a parliamentary recess.

The gross monthly salary of Congressman is $ 33.763. According to the Federal Constitution, the value of the subsidy is the same for federal deputies and senators (Art. 49, Incidentally VII). Payment of the monthly remuneration takes into account the Member's attendance at plenary sessions of the deliberative. That is, the unjustified absence to a deliberative session entails discount on salary. Have justified, no. In 2015, officers of the Chamber determined that only the medical licenses and official missions may be used as a justification for the lack of parliamentary.

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