DMV opens new service facility in shopping zone west

Organ studies open a survey station in the shopping center, besides the delivery of the Certificate of Licensing and transfer of ownership.
03/11/2017 16h22 - Updated 3/11/2017 16h22
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) opens, next Monday, a partir das 10h, the fifth decentralized drive organ, no Shopping Ponta Negra, located on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, district Midwest Manaus. The unit will work, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 16:30.

According to the CEO of DMV-AM, Vinicius Diniz, the new facility will offer a wider range of services, compared to other. Virtually all services available on the agency's headquarters, related to the National Driver's License (CNH) and vehicles, They will be provided in the DMV-AM drive Shopping Ponta Negra.

Vinicius Diniz points out that one of the main objectives of the decentralization of the services of the agency is to provide greater convenience to the user, as well as relieve the service at the headquarters do not have, currently, adequate infrastructure to provide the user service excellence, as is his desire and the governor of the State, Amazonino Mendes.

In addition to the provision of vehicles and enablement services, a new unit of DMV-AM will absorb all the demand of law of evidence of candidates from areas west and Midwest, thus preventing the displacement to the body seat, at Avenida Mário Ypiranga Monteiro, Park neighborhood 10, center-on area, where today the test is carried out.

You will also have available to service registry, for gathering signatures and vehicle sales release.

According to the CEO of DMV-AM, It is under consideration by the agency to implement a post survey in shopping center dependencies, in addition to offering the service delivery of the Certificate of Registration of Vehicle License (CRLV) and transfer of ownership.

The service in the decentralized unit of Shopping Ponta Negra follow the same system of other, scheduling, what should be done directly in site agency.

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