alimony debtors may have name entered in SPC

In addition to the prison, if the debtor does not file a justification for non-payment, default may be declared on your behalf.
16/11/2017 15h46 - Updated 16/11/2017 15h46

The House of Representatives approved the proposal which mandates the inclusion of the names of alimony debtors on the list of credit protection services. The text was approved ultimately by the Constitution and Justice and gathers suggestions from four projects that move together (PL 799/11 and joined). The matter will now Senate.

currently, the Civil Procedure Code (13.105/16) already provides that the debtor of alimony may have the arrest by the judge for a period of one to three months. Besides that, if the debtor does not file a justification for non-payment, the judge may also determine the debt extrajudicial protest, that is, declare default. In practice, the debtor's name ends up going to delinquent registration. But, to the rapporteur of the matter, Deputy Antônio Bulhões (PRB-SP), it is important to provide explicitly in law the possibility of including the child support debtor in default of registration.

Author of one of the projects under discussion on the subject, Mrs Jô Moraes (MG-PcdoB) He says the inclusion of the name of the debtor in services such as SPC can inhibit the non-payment.

“These are educational measures, but effective to remind the parent that your child does not have money to eat, and he that caused the child has to pay. And before he was arrested, it can be warned that it does not make a consideration, do not take a loan, because the money he needs may be necessary for the child”, says.

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