Two men are arrested suspected of practicing robberies in Manaus center

According to police, um deles foi acusado de roubar cordões de pessoas que faziam compras na região. Os dois já têm passagem pela polícia por roubo e furto.
18/11/2017 17h29 - Updated 20/11/2017 17h22
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Gabriel dos Santos Pena, 21, and Maxuel Ferreira Lima, 22, were arrested, on Saturday morning (18), suspected of practicing robberies in Manaus center. The two were arrested by police from Mobile, Center located, and pending court proceedings. Both have pass by the police for robbery and theft.

Gabriel was arrested by military police on the street Marshal Deodoro. According to the Civil Police (PC), he was accused of stealing cords of people who were shopping in the region. Maxuel was arrested near the Amazon Hotel, also charged with theft.

Safe Christmas
Since or last day 10 from November, the Public Security Bureau (SSP-AM) implemented, in Manaus Center, one Police Mobile as part of the actions of the operation 'Safe Christmas', that is strengthening the ostensible policing in the main shopping areas and close to centers of the capital malls.

The bus is installed on the corner of the street Seven September and Eduardo Ribeiro and has delegated, investigator, Registrar and a cell, where the police carry out the arrest of criminal suspects. Since it began, operation 'Safe Christmas' arrested eight people for involvement in theft, theft and drug trafficking.

The deputy governor and secretary of Public Security, Bosco Saraiva, was in downtown streets, on Saturday morning, to talk to people and listen to the demands of traders. "We are making a supervision of the operations that are going on throughout the city and, in particular, the operation 'Safe Christmas' for the people coming to Manaus center to shop ", highlighted.

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