Eduardo Braga says in contention for the Highlands in 2018, Lula prefers

Without mentioning the name of Bolsonaro, o senador falou do risco do Brasil ter um presidente de extrema direita.
13/11/2017 14h46 - Updated 14/11/2017 16h35
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Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), said that among the former president Lula (PT) and Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) They are leading the race to the Plateau 2018, he opts for PT. The declaration of Braga was made in an interview with presenter Ronaldo Tiradentes, the Morning News program (TV and radio 89,7 FM).

“Between Lula and Bolsonaro, I'm Lula. Now, I think Brazil still has a deadline, from here to there, to see if building a political solution is the same responsible manner with the changes that Brazil needs and the same responsible way with the democratic rule of law”, opined.

Without mentioning the name of Bolsonaro, Senator spoke of the Brazil risk having a president from the extreme right to close Congress, casse concessions, close radio stations and turn in what he called "banana republic".

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