Enem will have the biggest story of the security structure, says minister

They will be used 67 thousand metal detectors at all test sites.
04/11/2017 16h17 - Updated 4/11/2017 16h17
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The Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, he said today (3) the National High School Exam (one) this year will have the highest security framework since its inception. In a statement on national radio and television chain, he recalled to be used 67 thousand metal detectors at all test sites and mentioned the debut of electronic point detectors and customized tests as mechanisms to deter fraud.

The first proof of the Enem is next Sunday (5), with language issues, humanities and writing. In other Sunday (12), It will be the turn of the proofs of natural science and mathematics. Second or minister, the application of the test in two Sundays, change set for public consultation, will give more reassurance to participants and will end the confinement to the Sabbatarians, they had to wait until the end of the day to take the test on Saturday.

The minister used the speech to wish good luck and calm to candidates. "There are over 600 thousand people working across the country to provide the best possible condition you going to prove. Have peace of mind. Good luck!”, said Mendonça Filho.

Mendonça Filho also pointed out that this year's race will feature the videoprova translated in Brazilian Sign Language for participants with hearing impairment.

"The Enem is the main gateway to the university. Access to higher education programs, as Sisu, for federal universities, Prouni for handbags and the Fies, with funding, they are guaranteed. The new offer will Fies 310 thousand contracts, with 100 thousand of them to zero interest ", said the minister.

Sabrina Craide - Brazil Agency

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