Former managers of the Metropolitan Region are fined R $ 29,4 millions

Counselors set the term 30 days to the value to be returned to the state public coffers.
08/11/2017 15h25 - Updated 8/11/2017 15h25
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The board of the Amazon Court (TCE-AM) deemed irregular accounts of the Executive Secretariat of the Council for Sustainable Development of the Greater Manaus (SRMM), for the year 2014, and determined that the then Executive Secretary of the organ, Marcelo Gomes de Oliveira, give it back, in solidarity with six companies, a total of R $ 29,4 millions, from fines, glosses and scope. The decision was taken during the 38th Ordinary Session, held on the morning of Tuesday (7).

As the opinion of the rapporteur, advisor Julio Cabral, between improprieties found in accountability are acts of illegitimate and anti-economic management charged with serious violations of legal rules and accounting, between them, 16 terms of irregular contracts with private companies to perform services and procurement of materials, mostly, earthmoving, concrete and asphalt materials for the metropolitan area cities, with contract publishing absences, newsletters, terms of provisional and definitive receipts, in addition to the failure to prove the execution of the contracted services.

Due to these contractual problems, They will have to return to public coffers the L companies. Moreira Construction and Consulting Ltda., or value of R $ 64,7 one thousand; MCW Construcoes e Comercio Ltda and earth movements., R$ 8,6 millions; Construction Soma Ltda., R$ 2,4 millions; Construtora São Francisco Ltda ME., R$ 12,3 millions; Tarumã buildings and Earthmoving Ltda., R$ 6,7 million and EMAN Transportation, Comércio e Serviços Ltda ME., or value of R $ 465 one thousand, as decided by the collegiate.

Counselors set the term 30 days so that the values ​​are returned to the state public coffers, giving rise in debt inscription on Debts and executive action, if not done the payment.

CETAM irregular accounts
They were deemed irregular, also, accounts of 2013 the Amazon Technological Education Center (Cetam). The former chief executive, Joésia Julião Moreira Pacheco, along with Construtora Ltda Carramanho, KPK Construction Ltd and Trifity Construction Ltd., They will have to return to public coffers a total of R $ 1,4 million, from fines, glosses and scope, by inconsistencies in basic prices of various contract terms, the absence of fiscal and supporting documents execution services, as well as inconsistencies in internal control organ, contrary to Article 74 of the Federal Constitution, among others.

Another accountability frowned upon unanimously by the Full Court was the exercise 2010 the Lowland Careiro Prefecture, responsibility of Mayor Nonato da Silva, you will need to return to public coffers, along with the then head of the Executive Power of the City, Orlando dos Santos Correa, or value of R $ 45 one thousand, from fines, glosses and scope, by irregularities and discrepancies in the accounting records, bulky payments of temporary servers without justification, among others.

Manauscult accounts are approved
Rapporteur of the counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, the accounts of the Municipal Culture and Arts Foundation (Manauscult), for the year 2011, They were judged regular with caveats. In a unanimous decision, the Full Court opted not to apply the fine former president of the body, Livia Regina Mendes.

According to the adviser Yara Lins, the fact that they were observed only procedural problems, justified by the management, Apart from that such failures do not result in damage to public coffers, enables the judgment of accountability as regular with caveats.

In addition to the checks and balances, others were judged 9 processes during the 38th ordinary session, including four resources, two sockets agreement accounts, a representation, an assertion embargo and a supply agreement accounts.

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