Carrefour employee family in Manaus receive compensation of R $ 285 one thousand

The officer died in August 2014, electric shock victim during service. The worker left a widow and two young daughters.
22/11/2017 16h20 - Updated 22/11/2017 16h20
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An approved agreement on Friday, 17, the Regional Labor Court of the 11th Region - AM / RR (TRT11), guaranteed payment of R $ 285 thousand to the family of an employee of Carrefour who died in August 2014, electric shock victim during service. The worker left a widow and two young daughters. The agreement was brokered by the federal judge Joicilene Jeronimo Portela Freire.

Based on dialogue and understanding that the fastest solution to the conflict favors both parties, the reconciliation took place in the second instance of TRT11 and solved the process proceeding through since February 2016.

Payment will be made in a lump sum to the settlement of indemnity claims, presented by the deceased worker's estate (represented by the widow), under the original petition, fine getting established 50% in case of noncompliance. As the parties have reconciled, both features awaiting inclusion in the trial of the agenda will not be analyzed.

The reconciliation on appeal reduces the time of the proceedings, enables the part plaintiff receive your credit faster and the defendant repay its debt to have the archived process, besides avoiding the referral of the case to the Superior Labor Court (TST). Upon returning to the source rod, the dispute is already solved and the case direct follow for filing after the discharge of the Agreement.

Action origin
In labor action filed in February 2016, the estate of the deceased worker (represented by the widow) required the condemnation of Carrefour Comércio e Indústria Ltda. to pay compensation for moral and material damages arising from the fatal accident occurred on 12/08/2014, when he was in service and suffered an electric shock. The employee exercised the maintenance helper function and requests to the application exceeded R $ 2 millions.

Based on the evidence produced in the records, Judge surrogate Carla Priscila Silva Nobre, 4th of Manaus Labor Court, judged in part the claims and condemned the claimed payment of R $ 300 thousand as compensation for moral damages (R$ 200 one thousand) and damage (R$ 100 one thousand).

Both parties appealed. While Carrefour wanted to be absolved from condemnation or to obtain the reduction of indemnity values, the worker's family sought to increase the total compensation. The process is the No 0000222-36.2016.5.11.0014.

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