Heavy rain cause disorders in Manaus

The rain caused disruptions in the supply of electricity, flooding and landslides trees in the city.
30/11/2017 14h24 - Updated 30/11/2017 19h19
Photo: Press Release / Manaustrans

The rain that hit Manaus on the morning of Thursday (30) caused flooding and landslides trees in the city.

A tree fell on a vehicle on the street Saldanha Marinho, no Center, Zona Sul, and a street stretch Maceio, in Adrianople, "I became a river".

The rain also caused disruptions in the supply of electricity in some neighborhoods and, consequently, blackouts in traffic lights, as the street Maceio and Marciano Armond, in Adrianople, and the avenues Rodrigo Otavio, crowned, and Constantino Nery, as Manaustrans information.

According to the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Supervision of Manaus Traffic (Manaustrans), traffic lights malfunctioned and were deleted at the intersection of avenues Timbiras with Noel Nutels and Constantino Nery with Pedro Teixeira.

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