Fronts unite Bolsonaro and Jean Wyllys the Chamber Commissions

The presidential candidate is inscribed on three fronts along with Congressman Jean Wyllys.
02/11/2017 13h58 - Updated 3/11/2017 15h37
Agency Brazil

The basis of visible speech deputy and presidential Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) It is in the public safety and moral. until then, no news. But, Clear, not only security and religious lives parliamentary. A search on the site Chamber itself, among the more than 200 parliamentary fronts in operation, discloses a Bolsonaro, shall we say, more diverse.

Like virtually all Members, Bolsonaro signed to create a number of fronts. Among the most unusual are the Futsal Defense; the National Defense grapes Valuation, wines, Sparkling and Derivatives; the Dentistry and Brazil Without Gambling. There's even a front of issues that have been more on the agenda of leftist deputies and linked to human rights, the Psychiatric Reform and Anti-Asylum.

Have more: Bolsonaro is inscribed on three fronts where his "archenemy", Congressman Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ), It is also registered. The front of the Brazilian Motoring, the Front in Defense of Customs and Documentary filmmakers from Brazil and the Joint Front of Artisan and Craft Brazilian.

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