Government says David Almeida left debt of R $ 9,4 million in the SSP

The debt corresponds to 15 contracts with industry suppliers, in assessing the deputy governor, They could have placed the public security collapse.
29/11/2017 17h59 - Updated 29/11/2017 18h02
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The lack of payment of lease contracts of business vehicles of Civil Police and Military yielded a debt of R $ 9.427.156,75. So says the Department of Public Safety (SSP-AM), which attributes the situation to the management of David Almeida, acting governor until Amazonino Mendes election.

altogether, six companies are contracted to rent the vehicles that make policing throughout the state. The contract includes 638 Car, including maintenance and inspection of vehicles and insurance in case of accidents and injury. Besides that, the document also requires the company to replace vehicles after a period of two years.

Segundo a SSP-AM, even with the open invoices, in July 2017, the vehicle fleet was replaced with new cars and, also, despite delays, maintenance services continued to be carried out. The folder says that vehicles “just have not been removed from the streets by entrepreneurs because service providers were hoping to receive”.

The secretariat also points out that there are plots to pay late from 2015, but most of the debt is concentrated in the period from May to September 2017, period when David Almeida took office. In this time interval, 15 invoices are no longer paid.

David Almeida (PSD), He said early on Wednesday, day 29, that criticisms made by the Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP) and vice governor Bosco Saraiva (SDD) should be seen as praise in life history function it.

"With the history of life that I have and he has, critical praise it sounds like ", said David Almeida.

Also according to according to Almeida this surplus will not solve the problem of public safety in the Amazon. "Public safety begins to improve when the leaders began to improve its performance. Taking lemon a little boy in the signal, close a bar do not know where not to say they are doing public safety ", he said.

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