Government will fine of R $ 150 voter who do biometrics?

Boato que circula no Facebook e no WhatsApp afirma que o não pagamento da multa suspenderá RG, CPF e carteira de habilitação.
22/11/2017 16h34 - Updated 22/11/2017 16h34
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It has spread on the Internet since last Monday (20) the rumor that the government of President Michel Temer "launched a law" to fine in 150 actual voters who miss the deadline for biometric registration in the Electoral Justice.

The false news circulates in two platforms: a text on Facebook and WhatsApp and audio with the voice of a woman, also shared in the messages application. Both versions boast the same value for the supposed fine and seek to frighten the reader, "Stating" that the non-payment of 150 real leads to suspension RG, CPF and the debtor's driver's license.

Through note, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) He denied the rumor. "This message is false and that the voter should be aware of the timetable set by the respective Regional Electoral Courts (THREE) to make the registration of voters in each state ", clarifies the TSE.

Still according to the Electoral Court, the voter is only document that can be canceled in case of failure to attend the mandatory biometric registration. "Even so, If the voter does not attend, it will only be subject to a fine of around R $ 3,50. After attending the nearest electoral registry and rectify the situation, the title again becomes active immediately ", full to do TSE note.

Besides the content of fib, officially demoralized, three characteristics of this rumor should be noted by the concerned reader in to police in fake news of times on the Internet: 1) the alarmist tone, that does not give more information about it; 2) the lack of news from trusted media outlets; e 3) sharing by appeal to the largest possible number of people.

If an online information meets any of these aspects, or all, regardless of the subject, It should be a brief research on the topic before passing it forward.

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