Portuguese Beneficent Hospital will offer medical services 80% discount

O projeto piloto busca oferecer um preço acessível a todas as pessoas que não possuem um plano ou não têm condições de arcar com exames de rotinas.
18/11/2017 17h24 - Updated 20/11/2017 17h22
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The Charity Hospital is launching the pilot project "Benefit Cares More health at your fingertips" which aims to serve the population of the capital and in the state, with medical visits and laboratory tests in various specialties at affordable prices up 80% discount.

The project aims to democratize access to quality health care at an affordable price to all persons who do not have a plan or are unable to pay for routine exams, diagnostics, medical consultations, procedures which generally have a very high cost.

In addition to laboratory tests, imaging also have special discounts.

The Portuguese Beneficent Hospital is one of the oldest health centers in the state, It has on its staff, reference specialists.

The action takes place in the days 25 November and 16 December respectively, Charity Hospital in Portuguese, located at Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 1.359, Center.

To schedule your appointment or ask questions, just call the number (92) 99437-9372.

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