Evangelical Church surprising holy mother to donate R $ 11mil for reconstruction Terreiro Candomblé

The shed saint mother's Candomblé Conception d`Lissá, It was set on fire four years ago by religious intolerance.
14/11/2017 14h41 - Updated 15/11/2017 17h02
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An Evangelical Church in Rio de Janeiro will donate R $ 11mil to shed holy Mother Candomblé Conception d`Lissá, torched four years ago by religious intolerance, the help comes at a good time, It will be used in the reconstruction of space.

Interreligious dialogue proves that the union gains strength, the action came from evangelical congregation in conversation with the Commission to Combat Religious Intolerance (CCIR), whose interlocutor Babalawó Ivanir dos Santos, and has been for years calling the name of the company for the lack of respect for the sacred, mainly, suffered by the religions of African origin.

In the face of violence perpetrated by evangelical groups said the Candomblé and Umbanda in Rio de Janeiro, and before the destruction of the yard d'Lissá Conception in Duque de Caxias, in 2013, the then president of the Council of Christian Churches of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CONIC-Rio), Lutheran pastor Lusmarina Campos Garcia, She had the idea to promote the reconstruction of the same. Approved by CONIC-Rio board, and a reconstruction campaign began.

This action had the CCIR, which enabled contact and communication between people and organizations involved in this process. More than the reconstruction of the physical space, this action rebuilds relations and states that it is from the solidarity that can establish peace, communion and love among different religions.

"Where a destroy, others help, we have to combat all hatred actions, preconception, racism and religious intolerance, unite for the sake of diversity, freedoms, plurality and humanities so that we can build, actually, a country of freedoms and diversity respecting the otherness ", attests to the Ivanir dos Santos

Understand the case
In 2014, the second floor of the shed, Dipper Kweceja Gbe, da Conceição d`Lissá mother, It was set on fire in the Sun Valley Jardim, in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, on the evening of 26 of June, 62 registered in Police Station. And it was not the first fire, much less was the first case of financial abuse that the house suffered. This was the sixth attack on the house and its leader, which was also the victim of a murder attempt. Conception said "there is a religious nature, since his life is guided by the religious issue ".

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