Judge warns people not to fall into false Christmas donations coup in Manaus

Coordinator of Children and Youth, Rebecca Mendonça Lima said the ideal is to direct donations to accredited host units.
30/11/2017 14h58 - Updated 30/11/2017 15h29
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Judge Coordinator of Children and Youth (coijo), Rebeca de Mendonça Lima, Manaus has warned the population not to fall into false Christmas donations blow, common at the time of end of year. According to the magistrate, groceries donations, toys and other items should only be made to childcare institutions and adolescents accredited with public agencies.

"We launched this alert because of the existence of unscrupulous people, In Manaus, They have taken advantage of the kindness and solidarity of good citizens to ask for donations on behalf of children and adolescents in order, actually, obtaining personal advantage ", said the magistrate.

Judge Rebecca points out that today, In Manaus, ten cozy units, or shelters, They are accredited by the Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents, being them: Under Moacyr Alves, SOS Children's Villages Brazil, Under the Father's Heart, Shelter Little Nazareno, Abrigo Infantil Monte SALEM, House Vhida, Casa Mamma Margaret, Lar Batista Janell Doyle, Sunrise and Institutional Home Services for Children and Adolescents (Saica).

Together, the ten shelters welcome, currently, approximately 200 children and adolescents, including negligence victims, maltreatment or abuse. The ten units, as the Coordination of Children and Youth, They are accredited by competent bodies and are, constantly, inspected by the State Judiciary.

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