Lázaro Ramos responds William Waack: "Racism is a crime"

The expression "Black Thing", said William Waack in a video scenes leaked this week on the Internet, It led to the expulsion of journalist.
11/11/2017 13h18 - Updated 13/11/2017 16h20

The actor Lázaro Ramos, known for its firm position in favor of racial equality, He posted on Instagram in the early morning hours of Friday, in the wake of the scandal that led to the removal of journalist William Waack the bench Jornal da Globo. Video leaked by two members of the black movement, one of them a former cameraman globe have witnessed the live scene, via a television broadcasting network in the internal, Waack complains of a street horn that resonates in the studio and says, in joke tone, "It's black thing".

It is exactly this phrase, that deconstructs with the help of a text Johnatan Oliveira Raimundo, Lazaro Ramos starts the post, ending exhaustively and a placing his own hand: "Racism is a crime, period".

"Black Thing is witchcraft contained in Machado de Assis tale. A samba written by Mauro Diniz pen. Black thing is poetry topper. Fingers to dance on Paulinho da Viola guitar. Ah, It could only be black - Romario, Emperor, Ronaldinho. Reply racism with Laments shaped chorinho. Pixinguinha, black king, King this dark thing. Renato Gama self-taught master of release. Black thing is to remain great in the sight of those who kill. You need to threaten with cannon by the end of the whip. Black thing is to live with joy ", says the text Johnatan Oliveira Raimundo quoted by the star of Mister Brown series.

"Inventing mathematics, architecture, medicine, agriculture and philosophy. Be part of the first civilization. Be master of Blues, Samba, do Reggae, do Pop, Soul, do Jazz. Keep love to Earth before a people that disdains the sky. Black thing is Jovelina partideira. Milton, Djavan, Tim, Alcyone and Candeia. See the night Yurugu, stay tuned. Black is the lady owner of the wind. Look, 're ready and listening. "Jonathan Oliveira Raymundo. And I complete here: is all this is much more. It's for you, What is? And just to not forget: racism is a crime, period.”

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