Liliane Araújo forget opposed to Amazonino and says' is happy’ after receiving post

Now as a secretary in the Social Promotion Fund and Poverty Eradication, Liliane shows inconsistency with speech made at election time.
11/11/2017 13h42 - Updated 13/11/2017 16h19
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Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

After the elections the by-election in which she has heavily criticized the "old" policy and the governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT) journalist and former candidate for the government of Amazonas, Liliane Araújo (currently non-party), He said in a statement that is very happy with his appointment to the Social Promotion Fund and Poverty Eradication showing the total inconsistency with his previous speech.

I was happy to see that my proposals throughout my political life had recognition from the governor Amazonino Mendes to the point of doing so invite me to join his government”, scored journalist.

Liliane also praised the Amazonino management, thing she said was incompatible with his ideals. “I saw in the current government political will to make the Amazon works out, respecting the convictions of members of his government”, He noted.

At the end of the first round of by-election, held this year, Liliane decided to leave the party that was (PPS) for not agreeing with the support of the legend on the application Amazonino to find that the attitude would be inconsistent with its policy stance.

See what Liliane said the election period:

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