Luciano Huck order surveys to measure your chances of being president

Politicians and people nearby said he evaluates contest the Presidential Palace. Huck is considering joining the PPS, the DEM or Network.
09/11/2017 15h27 - Updated 10/11/2017 16h14
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While meeting with parties and supports the political renewal movements, TV presenter and entrepreneur Luciano Huck commissioned research to measure their voting intentions for president. Politicians who talked to him in recent months and people nearby say Huck evaluates a candidate to the presidency.

Although Luciano not want to talk about the political issue next presenter said he is cautious about the disclosure of electoral needs because it is still evaluating the political landscape, You want to avoid the wear of an early release, and because you want to keep, for a while, his TV show. Huck is considering joining the PPS, the DEM or Network.

“He has shown concrete willingness to be candidate” said one DEM leadership, party with which Huck met at least three times in recent months.

In DEM, Huck met for about two months with Marina Silva, national spokesperson and principal name of the Sustainability Network, e, about ten days, with the former minister of the Supreme Court Joaquim Barbosa, which is being courted by different parties to be candidate or compose a presidential ticket as vice.

The presenter also has met at least twice with the PPS, which has open space for applications and now RenovaBR _ new political leadership training movements supported by Huck. And Huck came to talk sometimes, at the beginning of the year, with João Amoêdo, founder of the New.

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