Lula said that "it will not be difficult" to win the election 2018

Speaking at the Congress of PCdoB, Lula also said the government Michel Temer is "weak".
20/11/2017 15h30 - Updated 20/11/2017 16h46
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) He said that "it will not be difficult to" win the presidential elections 2018, but he defended a change of strategy of the leftist parties to stop the government's proposals Michel Temer in Congress. During the Congress of PCdoB, Lula assessed that the opposition is weakened and regretted that failed to stop the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff and proposals, in review, They represent a step backwards in relation to the advances of PT administrations, as the labor reform.

"We were against labor reform, and it happened. We were against the Welfare, and if not careful, will happen", PT said in his speech. Lula said the government Michel Temer is "weak" and, that is why, submit "to market interests". "No weak president is respected." "Congressmen who are voting for dismantling not promised us. Never seen so much reactionary deputy, tanto Cave, and if not careful will worsen in the next election ", said.

He stated that it is necessary to avoid the adoption of the pension reform, that "is happening concurrently with the dismantling of Petrobras". "I have no older than creating movement 'out Fear' and he be in, to stay shouting will not get hit and get hit. We'll have to stop yelling and prevent this from happening even. This can not keep happening under our beard. "He, They are trying to dismantle the Petrobras because "they are not political, are usurpers. "He continued: "They have no commitment to the Brazilian people, They want to disassemble, destroy the BNDES, Eletrobras, a Caixa, dismantle citizenship. "

Not address, Lula said, if not for his stubbornness and PT, I would not have gotten to the Presidency. And that proved it was possible to turn left this country, citing improvements in earnings, education and own insertion of Brazil abroad. "We no longer say 'fine' with the United States." "We took the hunger map of the country." And regretted that the dream that the PT administration dreamed "unfortunately being dismantled the few". "It was all prepared for Brazil to become the 5th world economy."

united left
Lula made a speech for the unification of the left in the country and to encourage the application of Rio Grande do Sul state representative Manuela D'Avila for the presidency, PCdoB during the congress on Sunday. He pointed out that the application Manuela leaves "raids" in PT's relationship with the PCdoB.

“Manuela, even when we do a campaign that we do not win, if we do an ideologically campaign well done, well organized, and militancy for the street, I mean that is worth candidate. On my part, the only thing that will surprise going forward is a beautiful day I appear in any of the rallies of Manuela. "

He said he supports that other parties also launch candidates, but rejected the idea that Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) It would be a centrist candidate. "I can not say Lula is far left, Jair Bolsonaro is far right, and that we need to find the middle way. Those who live with Bolsonaro know who he is, which is more than the extreme right, but he also has the right to be a candidate. "

Lula also said that only legacy with parties will have chance to win the next presidential election, and recalled that PT and PCdoB built a strong legacy in recent 30 years, since the presidential campaign 1989, citing achievements of his government. "So we have to rule the country without wanting to be ruler, You have to listen to the people, the people know, we just have to have the courage to ask. "He also defended the regulation of the media and the distribution of wealth. "I want the media where everyone can express."

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