Environmental Manaus should be required to prove water quality

The action comes from a bill (PL) you want to create this obligation to the concessionaire.
01/11/2017 15h50 - Updated 2/11/2017 14h23
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The water supply utility of the city of Manaus (Manaus Environmental) It may be required to submit every six months for mayor reports with information about the control of quality of water supplied to the population.

Today, It will be filed with the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) a law project (PL) that creates this obligation to the concessionaire. The bill adds the section VIII of Article 7 of Law No. 513 from 16 December 1999.

The author of the bill and President of Services and Public Works Committee of the house, Councilman professor Gedeão Amorim (PMDB), He says the project is justified in the lobby 2914/11 Ministry of Health, which establishes the procedures for control and monitoring of water quality for human consumption and its potability standards.

For parliamentary, this is a way to assure citizens the quality of water being consumed in your home.

"We want to confirm that maintenance operations are being conducted in accordance with the technical standards of ABNT, with the addition of this item we can ensure for the population the condition of the water that comes to their homes, "says Alderman.

Also according to the ordinance 2914/11, water supply utilities are required to deliver the analysis parameters of monthly reports, quarterly and half-yearly and forward to public health authorities of the United, the Federal District and Municipalities.

"These reports will be forwarded to the municipality control sector that will ensure that the water that comes to the house of manauaras citizens is free from bacteria or other microorganisms that can cause damage to health", says councilor.

The draft law seeks to bring sanitation Municipal Policy in Manaus, updating the law within the guidelines of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health.

"This is a basic right of the population, So, that these reports are made available by the Environmental Manaus so that everything is to clean "argues the author of PL.

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