Manaus and Belem appear among the worst cities to drive in Brazil, according to research

Research analyzed data from Waze 39 countries and 217 cities to create a single note, ranging from satisfactory (10) the bad (1).
07/11/2017 14h19 - Updated 7/11/2017 17h40
Photo: Isabelle Marques

A satisfaction survey conducted by the Waze application and disclosed on Friday (3) revealed, in the opinion of app users, what Manaus It is the second worst city in Brazil to drive. A pesquisa Waze Driver Satisfaction Index 2017 analyzed data 39 countries and 217 cities to create a single note, ranging from satisfactory (10) the bad (1).

First on the research appears Florianópolis (SC), with index 3,98; following appears Manaus, with index 4,21, followed by João Pessoa (PB), with 4,58, Bethlehem (PA), with 4,66 and Victoria (IS), with index 4,75.
According to the CEO of the State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM), Vinícius Diniz, enforcement actions should be intensified in the capital, to sensitize drivers to be more careful in traffic.

"This is a continuation of the work being done by the Security Bureau with all public safety agencies, and the DMV is part. It will be the sixth, saturday and sunday, It will be constant these operations. They will not only be on weekends, They will be during the week also. This is a way to prevent people documenting their cars, people to have awareness in traffic, that parem drinking, because Prohibition will work just. We would like people were aware. Want to drink, takes a taxi, takes a Uber, for I have no problem, to not pass embarrassment”, said the director.

Research Waze application measures six qualitative and quantitative attributes to provide an overview of the overall experience of drivers in cities and countries around the world, among which:
traffic level (how frequent and how bad are the jams);
Safety on roads (as the number of accidents, climate conditions);
Quality of roads and infrastructure;
Services to the driver (as access to gas stations and good parking options);
Economic and Social Factor (as access to cars, increased or low gasoline prices);

“Wazyness”, which represents how good (or ruim) Wazers is the network in terms of aid to motorists colleagues.

best cities
The survey also assessed the best Brazilian cities to drive. According to the users of the application, the top five are Atibaia (7,47), Sao Jose do Rio Preto (7,43), Greater Campinas (7,20), Sorocaba (7,17) and Taubaté (6,95), all located in São Paulo.

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