Mauhamad Moustafa says he never paid bribes and informer of the "Bad Paths’ you're lying

Moustafa afirmou que sempre teve dinheiro em caixa e que as empresas ligavam para ele e pediam dinheiro emprestado.
17/11/2017 15h43 - Updated 18/11/2017 18h00
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Or medical Mauhamad Moustafa, accused of leading the gang that fraudava contracts of public health of the Amazon denied the accusations made by the nurse and informer, Jennifer Nayara Yochabel, former director of the Institute New Paths (INC), hired by the State Department of Health (Sesame). In testimony on Tuesday (14), she said Moustafa controlled the scheme, owned all the companies involved in Operation Maus Ways and threatened, promising to accuse her of having control of fraud.

To Mauhamad the nurse is lying to get rid of any charge. He also said he had commented to Priscilla Marcolino Coutinho (sister and partner of Mouhamad), inside the prison, she would choose to deletion award. “The problem is that it invented several stories, I want to know how it will taste all these charges ", the doctor said.

Moustafa also said he never paid bribes but always had cash on hand and the companies linked to him and borrowed money at the time of payment delays to close the leaves.”It never happened, no one ever asked me for a bribe and never paid bribes to anyone”, said

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