Model sells her virginity for millions to pay for studies and travel the world

The buyer was a businessman from the United Arab Emirates that will pay € 2.5 million for a night with model.
17/11/2017 16h30 - Updated 17/11/2017 16h30
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The young American model, Giselle, from 19 years, She sold her virginity for € 2.5 million euros (or equivalent to R $ 9,6 millions). The buyer was a businessman from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The transaction was made through a German auction site.

She revealed that the money raised will be used for tuition, buy a house and travel the world. "I never thought the bidding reached € 2.5 million", confessed.

A Cinderella Escorts Agency, who brokered the deal, It claims that a Hollywood actor offered € 2.4 million, but does not reveal the identity of the bidder.

The model rejects the criticism and defends to sell virginity is a form of emancipation. "If you want to spend my first time with someone who does not know is my decision", says, saying it had already made the decision to do so when faced with the agency concerned, which last year made news because of another business: selling the virginity of a Romanian 18 years, Aleexandra Khefren, for € 2.3 million.

The agency's website is in trouble, due to excess inflow.

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