Tabatinga residents expect military exercises leave legacy

The Brazilian Army prepares for the AmazonLog 2017, unprecedented multinational logistics exercise in América do Sul, in the triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
04/11/2017 15h29 - Updated 6/11/2017 16h50
Photo: Antonio Cruz/ Agência Brasil

Amid the completion of preparations for AmazonLog17, multinational military exercise aimed at training humanitarian emergency actions in the Amazon region, residents of Tabatinga (AM) They believe that the event will help to improve areas where the municipality faces chronic problems, as care health, public safety and infrastructure. From 6 a 13 from November, troops from Brazil, Peru and Colombia will make a joint exercise involving a series of activities such as training for redemptions, supplies, health, maintenance and transportation.

No quality access to various equipment and utilities, the concern of the local population is less interaction with the troops for military exercise and more with a possible legacy in access to services, especially health. Tabatinga has only one drive emergency care and some basic health units. Most care is borne by the Army Garrison Hospital. In late October, the prosecutor of Amazonas (MP-AM) He began investigating a complaint of lack of medical oxygen in county hospitals.

Another issue that draws the attention of the population is public safety. The city ranked second in deaths by firearms in the state, second only to the capital Manaus, Violence in the Map 2016. According to the survey, period not 2012 a 2014, Tabatinga recorded, average, 27,3 homicides per year per 100 thousand.

For the retired Nice de Moraes, effective immense troops can help curb the action of criminals. "I think the greatest legacy has to do with the issue of violence, because here we live with a start, almost like in Rio de Janeiro ", vindicates. While recognizing that this is not the purpose of the event, or the role of the Army, she says that the initiative could contribute, somehow, with the reduction of violence.

"I do not know if the event will improve, but I think, at least, will stabilize, will be more acceptable. I think they [the criminals] They will have an idea of ​​someone's looking for us and will be afraid to do something ", states.

Tabatinga is distant about 1,1 thousand kilometers of Manaus, where you can only reach by boat or plane. With just over 60 thousand, the city is located in the triple border. The city is separated by a short boat ride from the town of Santa Rosa, no Peru. Only an avenue serves as border with the city of Leticia, capital of Amazonas Colombian province. Traffic is marked by an intense traffic of motorcycles, motorcycle taxis and tuc tucs, kind of Colombian and Peruvian collective taxi made with pieces of motorcycles and carrying up to three people.

Because it is the border area, the city is strongly marked by the presence of soldiers of the three armed forces. The facilities occupy a good pate the municipal territory. Leticia, missionary Ivan Rodolfo said the mobilization of troops can also come as a counter-drug trafficking strategy. According to the missionary, born in Cali, the subject has ceased to occupy the attention of the authorities. "I think it can also be a coping strategy trafficking, with knowledge of the territory and mapping routes. You will have a lot of technology in this exercise ", says.

Amid the international news marked by exchange of barbs between the United States and North Korea, Rodolfo said he feared the possibility of exercising the attention of other nations, terrorist groups or will be decoy in a hypothetical World War. "The third world war for me is on, any trisquinho, if a match ascend, will happen. They [the foreigners] They have looked forward, as this region here is the one that will remain. Here's fish, There's water, a third of the world's water, It has natural resources, It has everything ", states.

Luciano Nascimento – A.B.

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