New blow to WhatsApp using the Apothecary affects more than 500 thousand users

The attack made by the popular application messages try to lure victims seizing name cosmetics brand.
11/11/2017 13h01 - Updated 13/11/2017 16h20
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Again criminals are using the brand to promote the Apothecary blows through WhatsApp. As it had occurred in September, the new attack made through the popular application messages try to lure victims seizing name cosmetics brand.

According to dfndr Lab, laboratory specializing in cyber crime, the new stroke goes even further and involves a real promotion of the company to gain credibility among potential victims. The theme is the current promotion of the Apothecary where the client shares a makeup tip with a friend to make a pencil eyeliner to eyes.

The false promoting version has a message saying that the user has been selected to participate in a short survey and get a pencil after sending the answers. According to the laboratory, but of 500 thousand users using the app security company were prevented from having their infected cell.

False questions are promoting: “Have you ever shopped at the Apothecary?”, “Like the products of the Apothecary?” e “Would you recommend the Apothecary to a friend or family member?”. Be whatever the answers, the victim is taken to a page that requests the sharing of fake promotion with 10 friends on WhatsApp to get access to premium.

The user is impaired at the end of the process: it is forwarded to a page that asks the member of SMS services paid, effecting unauthorized charges, or else the victim is asked to download fake applications that can infect the smartphone.

The recommendation for the type cases is wary of any promotion to see the WhatsApp and avoid sharing with your contacts or groups. If suspicious of any link, you can search the company involved in the promotion and also check the page DFNDR Lab, which has a site check service. Having anti-virus in the cell is also an important measure.

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