Omar Aziz and Wilson Alecrim are cited by the informer 'Evil Ways’ as recipients of bribes

The woman said the former governor and former secretary received kickback scheme that diverted more than R $ 150 millions of Susam.
15/11/2017 15h20 - Updated 16/11/2017 17h37

The nurse Jenifer Nayara Youchabel, who chaired the Institute New Paths, said the former governor and senator Omar Aziz (PSD) He received the kickback scheme that diverted more than R $ 150 million from the State Health Department (Sesame). The revelation came in testimony of the informer in the process of winning Operation Maus performed Paths in the morning Tuesday (14).

In the same statement, Jenifer also involved two former secretaries of Health. According to the nurse, Wilson Alecrim, as Omar, received high physician amounts of money and entrepreneur Mouhamad Moustafa, appointed by prosecutors as commander of the corruption scheme. She said the doctor paid a flat to the son of Pedro Elias, who took over after Susam Wilson Alecrim out of the folder.

According to the District Attorney, Alexandre Jabur because of the senator's name quote, Justice will forward the case to the public prosecutor. "People with function prerogative forum are not investigated in 1st Instance. Then the facts will be forwarded to the proper authorities ", said Attorney.

Jabur stressed that to be a collaborator of Justice in Case, Jenifer has a duty to tell the truth. "She can not lie, and we understand that it has complied with that duty. He answered all the questions asked by lawyers, by the prosecution and by the very judge ", said Jabur.

The advisory Omar Aziz, but he did not comment on the case.

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