Operation 'Proximity' addresses over 4,5 thousand people and closes 32 bares

Action done by SSP-AM this morning arrested seven people and also resulted in the assessment of 54 vehicles by irregularities.
04/11/2017 15h52 - Updated 6/11/2017 16h49
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The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) performed, on Friday night (03/11) and in the early hours of Saturday (04/11), the operation “Proximity”.

During the action, which occurred in the northern areas, East and West, 4.576 people were discussed, Besides 951 cars, 229 motorcycles and 74 bus. Fifty-four vehicles were sued for irregularities and 4 led the State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM). Seven people were arrested, two in possession of narcotic substances. The operation inspected 62 bares, 32 They were closed.

The operation is an integrated approach that brings together men from the military police (PMAM) e Civil (PC-AM), Amazon's Fire Brigade (CBMAM) and DMV-AM, Executive Assistant Secretary for Integrated Operations (Seaop) and Executive Assistant Secretary for Planning and Management Integrated Security (Seagi). All the action was monitored by the cameras of the Center for Integrated Command and Control of the Amazon (CICC-AM).

The deputy governor and Amazon Security Secretary, Bosco Saraiva, was on a police checkpoints mounted Alvorada neighborhood. The holder of the SSP asked for understanding of good citizens, passing through a barrier, collaborate with the police work. "The idea is to intensify what has been approved and tested positive in October, when we reduce the number of homicides in the city. We will be present in all areas of the capital ", said the deputy governor.

The SSP's shares will continue until the early hours of Monday (06/11) and are part of operations “Proximity”, “Spectrum” e “Order Shock”, that will take place throughout the month of November.

The security forces of the SSP will act on calls “criminal spots”, where the highest number of occurrences occurring. The merchant Jeimson Sales, 35 years, resident of San Jose neighborhood, area east of Manaus, It passed by one of the police barriers and spoke of the importance of these actions. "I think it's great for family security is very important today because it helps in the fight against crime", said.

Enem operation – All day Sunday (05/11), when the evidence of the National Secondary Education Examination will be applied (one), security will also be enhanced, with ostensible policing, to ensure tranquility in carrying out tests and to ensure the safety of organizers and participants of the exam. The Amazon recorded 165 thousand entries confirmed, according to the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP).

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